I Got JJ a Realistic KSI Cake

This was absolutely heart breaking but at least KSI got a cake out of it!
Also sorry it's been a while!

Lara (Cake Anything): cakeanythin...

Huge thanks to AdidasLondon for giving me this experience!

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    There were a couple of audio issues on this video, but these have now been fixed! 🙌✅

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    @Juan Clyve idc

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    Tommyinint hit 10 mill before you

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    Karma for cheating against Denmark :D

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    Vik at 7:23

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    Bro you can see vik slowly smiling

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    Why does 11:46 remind me of Mikasa and Eren's head lol

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    JJ has cake...

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    Was so nice when England failed

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    How was that delivered without being broken🤣

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    Me reacting after italy won

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    The referee was biest to England

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    Well, finally it went Rome instead of home

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    Is anyone gunna talk about that he used a mexican flag for italy 😂

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    welp, time for ksi to bulge again

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    sick vid

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    JJ can finally eat himself out

  • Just a cute Onigiri
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    Awww look the cake show's JJ's real height, the attention to detail is astounding

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    I hate football.

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    Simon: what did u do? jj:I went for the head(reffering to cake)

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    1:34 GTA Sa ersion of ksi

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    Help Simon to get 10mil

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    Wonder if this is simons last video. If it is we love you bro good luck in your next stages of life and thank you for helping distract me in hard times.

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    😭these score predictions

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    It came Rome 🇮🇹

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    We love you Simon

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    i can't help but wonder how Lara felt when Miniminter contacted her about this XD

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    4:08 sure someone else said this but this aged well

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    your so fucking amazing bro keep up the good work. i fucking love you bro fuck the haters. you inspire me so much i try to do what i love all because of you. if i never knew about you i would be gone i fucking love you.

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    we all love you simon , keep smiling and stay happy my man , youve done it

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    This is true love, he does everything for his boyfriend 😩😏

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    I am so surprised that Tommy in it literally just passed your subscriber count and hit 10 million before you 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    Is coming rome

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    shouldve got me a cake if she started on the 27th😒thats my birthday

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    We need more main channel vids!

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    why does england have to flop at finals or semi finals

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    And they lose

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    Tobi jinxed penalties

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    I'm unsatisfied at the fact that Simon is not on 10 mill yet, everyone sub

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    8:39 got me dying😂😭🤣

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    Lmao tommy hit 10 mil /b4 u

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    for the next sidemen tinder say are you muscles cuz i want you in my arms

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    Ignore the hate Simon

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    U just got rekt from Italy PERDENTEE.


    hey simon hope you hear this stop wearing hublot @nicoleonard will be mad

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    we love you minter! u introduced me to the sidemen back in 2014, crazy how far you’ve come. one love

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    sick simon has awoken something in me...

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    O_O thats sus

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    oiiiiiii is that Dynamo

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    hights the same though

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    Such a YES man, Miniminster!

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    i know nothin about soccer lmao

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    Forehand reveal?

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    The cake isn't realistic enough, Simon would be under the table to make it even more realistic.

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    Ur dogs wrong

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    another great vid by girth!

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    tommyinit hit 10 mil b4 u lol

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    You need to post more videos on this channel

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    Why did i think simon was going to eat the crotch of the ksi cake

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    i have just realised that tommy innit has beaten simon to 10 mil

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    i don’t get how he got 10 mil by screening for no reason

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    suck ur mothaa

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    @Adwait Pandey exactly

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    ikr its so sad. man put in so much effort to be beaten by a 16 year old who just plays a game for kids

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    Who is watching after the final....

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    Seeing Italy win makes me so happy

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    give her some PPPPPPlatinum

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    Sorry Simon but it's coming Rome

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    Damn he really filled you in

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    Lemme eat ur cake doe

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    You lost oof

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    Randomly Dynamo appears ❤️

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    Lol eve when u guys are stacked hosting the euros u can't win

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    1:21 what is title of background music 😭 I heard this a lot

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    I bet technoblade will beat u to 10 mil lol

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    He insulted harry then celebrated when he scored

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    tommy did hit 10 mil before u (sad)

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    Love you my G

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    Spain without S win the Euro

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    Jesus loves you all and he is always with you. God bless and have a wonderful day 👍🏻

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    Simons voice is so much deeper

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    at 7:23 when vikk saw the camera and started smiling omg he’s so adorable

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    Tommy has 10.5M.

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    Tommy beat you

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    cheaters always lose :shrug:

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    7:06 We all knew when that moment was without even seeing the pitch.....absolute thug that Italian captain

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    I sincerely love watching you so much you make me feel happy when I’m dealing with hard things in life you bring a smile to my face thank you for being on here for the time that you have you always have my unconditional support.

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    Did you hear JJ'S voice Crack 2:36

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    It's going rome

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    tommy hit 10 mil before u

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    Miniminter. Keep your head up bro. Times might be tough for you from all the haters but remember there's over 9 million people in this world subscribed to u because you have made their day with a 10 minute or 20 minute video. There's more love than hate. I hope u stay with us as long as u can live. Much love my bro ❤️❤️

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    well just saying that you lost your sub battle with tommyinnit,he's already passed 10 million subscriber(10,1M).But anyway loves your vid especially the GTA 5 ones.Keep up the work simon:))))))

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    Get this man to 10M he deserves it sooooo much!

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    That's dynamo he's really good

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    I love you Simon you are the best. Always remember, that people love you! I really hope you dont stop doing youtube...

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    It went Rome cuz